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Cryptomnesia (36:26)

Release Date: May 5, 2009

Produced By: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: Summer 2006 - Vocals in 2008

Label: Rodriguez-Lopez Productions

Liner Notes

To soothe the symptoms of a cursed go-between, this magnetar of a record (an uncomfortable meditation on bad manners), was recorded in the foul summer of 2006. It then sat in my grotesquely overpopulated, roman holiday of a closet, awaiting its vocal tracks, which were finally realized in the illustrious Australian summer of 2008. Being predisposed to insults, I would like to say now that I love this record with all my guts and find it very much worth the wait (I hope you'll agree, though I sense some of you may not). This project, as many before it, though one small step in my (our) personal therapy, still bears the question: is our footing sure enough to be trusted?


  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez - guitars, keys
  • Zach Hill - drums
  • Cedric Bixler Zavala - vocals
  • Juan Alderete - bass
  • Jonathan Hischke - synth bass