The Marble Shrine

Vermicide (4:16)

Album: Amputechture (76:04)

Release Date: September 12, 2006

Produced By: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: November 2005 - May 2006 in Los Angeles, El Paso, & Melbourne

Label: Gold Standard Labs, Universal, Strummer

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Live Notes

  • The song debuted at the beginning of the Amputechture tour with electric guitar and was played only a dozen times.
  • Was played acoustically at the New Year's Eve show in San Francisco in 2007.
  • The lyrical roots of the song can be heard in 2005 during some performances of Drunkship of Lanterns.

Lyrics for Vermicide

there with them is error
we are sacrosanct
a taunting of ravens to you
my swarms have fit the holster
my faith burnt every house
like no other manger
i am emptier with doubt

bare them
three to a pall
marks the
lush and terminal

when i became your larvae
you fed me from your plates
now my slouch is nervous
sinking by the face
wrinkled by this gravel
skinless trace of time
wear your cobwebs proudly
in your cheap and brittle sight
my glands emit this carnage
these pews bend back your knees
that uniform it wears you
when the ultimatum pleads

bare them
three to a pall
marks the
lush and terminal

that cesspool it becomes you
just north of the eyebrows
squat the hole for a pucker
when the rations go blonde
the salted stitch is patient
waiting to engulf
there is plasma from this hoax
pretending to be us

embalming all the fluids i must i must
i prefer to burn it i must i must