The Marble Shrine
Track Listing
  1. Cut That City
  2. Concertina
  3. Eunuch Provocateur

The Mars Volta

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Projects

Eunuch Provocateur (8:48)

Album: Tremulant EP (19:28)

Release Date: April 2, 2002

Produced By: Alex Newport

Recorded: October - December, 2001

Label: Gold Standard Labs

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Version Information

  • Re-recorded during original Deloused in the Comatorium sessions (Summer Demo Sessions) with producer Rick Rubin. The re-recording was presumably intended for the album but did not make the final cut. Televators had not been recorded by this time, which means there is a possibility Eunuch Provocateur, which features the album's title in its lyric, was cut to make room for that song.

Live Notes

  • One of a handful which Omar has sung backup vocals on.
  • Featured a lengthy drum solo when played with drummer Jon Theodore, a solo which was curtailed when it was brought back with drummer Thomas Pridgen in the fall leg of 2008.
  • Brought back briefly for the fall tour of 2009, but was again cut from the setlist upon the induction of drummer Dave Elitch.

Other Notes

  • A reversed voice appears at the end of this song, and says these lyrics:

    "I'm very fond of this one about an old spider friend of mine his name is....The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout down came the rain and washed the spider out out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again. the only thing about that story I always thought *unaudible* when all of the sudden they left I have never seen him since hmmm. mommy or daddy, have mommy or daddy ever had to spank you?"

Lyrics for Eunuch Provocateur

the al sirat hides behind a wardrobe of eunuchs
seconds collide till the padisha scandal

the cauldrons have eyes by way of racket and vice
a brothel's bedpan filled with demimonde lice
dethroned by the comatorium
de-loused in the comatorium

the al sirat hides behind a wardrobe of eunuchs
seconds collide till the padisha scandal

tribunals installed now that the provoste has been de-frocked
the labefaction is venal
my how these tricks turn themselves
in the wake of the inquisition limbless answers inoculated

i've caught mono bobbing for barbed wire
these nasty sores of ataxia will feel the sting of the opiate copulation