The Marble Shrine

Wax Simulacra (7:16)

Album: The Bedlam in Goliath (75:52)

Release Date: January 29, 2008

Produced By: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: 2006 - 2007 in Hollywood, CA & Brooklyn, NY

Label: Gold Standard Labs, Universal

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Wax Simulacra - Official Video

Live Notes

  • Debuted in 2007 during the Amputechture tour as "Idle Tooth."
  • Was performed live on the David Letterman Show, at the Nissan Live Sets, and on MTV Canada.
  • The drum intro is infrequently played like the studio version, and is instead used as a space for Thomas to solo.
  • The end did not feature Adrian on saxophone when it debuted in 2007.
  • The pause featured in the studio version did not feature live until the beginning of the Bedlam in Goliath tour.
  • During some fall 2008 shows, a jam was played before the song that segued directly into the opening of the song.

Other Notes

  • A video for the song features a montage of clips from the unreleased Melbourne and Sydney 2007 shows, filmed by El Bufalo De La Noche director Jorge Aldana. Interspersed is random behind-the-scenes footage of the band and various other vignettes and oddities that Omar had recorded.
  • Won the band their first ever Grammy in the category of "Best Hard Rock Performance" at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Lyrics for Wax Simulacra

came back to doubt yourself
but broke in two
they find it punctual
with idle tooth
i'll find something
to shake by the roots

i crawl along the ceilings in your room
the cold is spinning thread
to answer you
i need something made of freewill

am i waiting now, does my waiting howl

i bring an avalanche of toltec bones
contaminated cravings if you choose to
play something that aches for a spill
leave out the meat for that contact high
inhale the vapors
and let the hangman smile
for that something to shake by the roots

am i waiting now, does my waiting howl

bring me the tame
witness germinates in the child
that word of mouth stutters
blink at the lonely dice

don't know