The Marble Shrine

Son et Lumiere (1:35)

Album: De-Loused in the Comatorium (60:59)

Release Date: June 2, 2003

Produced By: Rick Rubin, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: 2002 - 2003 at The Mansion, Los Angeles

Label: Gold Standard Labs, Universal, Strummer

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Version Information

  • Recorded with producer Rick Rubin for the Summer Demo Sessions in 2002.

Live Notes

  • "Son Et Lumiere" intro was not played until after fall 2001 tour.
  • Complete lyrics were not performed live until 2002.
  • Original live performances in Europe 2002 included a sample of a voice-over from Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo by German actor Klaus Kinski.

Lyrics for Son et Lumiere

clipside of the pink eye flight
I'm not the percent you think survives.
I need sanctuary in the pages of this book.

Gestating with all the other rats, nurse said that my skin will need a graft,
I am of pock marked shapes, the vermin you need to loathe...