The Marble Shrine

Rapid Fire Tollbooth (5:03)

Album: Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo (44:59)

Release Date: May 29, 2007

Produced By: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: November 2005

Label: Gold Standard Labs

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Live Notes

  • Subsequently played during live Mars Volta dates before forming the basis for the song "Goliath."

Lyrics for Rapid Fire Tollbooth

(Unofficial Lyrics)
You might not remember how we sleep in the past
I'll soon remind you when
I cut off the hand that was promised to me
And then we'll shake on it
The stains you can't hide or the smell of his sweat
Are they so permanent?
Did you scratch your left eye, did it bleed three times?
Or once just to reel you in?
And your drunken breath
Didn't smell of us
To taste the poison sweet
I've gotta rid the world of your intentions
Ripe to cut like a stuck pig

Gimme that dress please
The one that talks like me
I really want it now
Baby put it on show me
A little unholy
Does it make you feel alright?

When I peaked inside your room through that rusty bitten lock
You sank your inside of me
And left it twenty years too long
The black stockings you kept
Smell of wet cigarette
And the sweat that just would not cease
I have failed for far too long
Just to keep you here on this leash
For the rest of your debt
Because I knew you'd forget
I'd throw ashes at the bones of your feet
Now that you sway with a back of strays
I do believe you're not the model for me

Gimme that dress please
The one that talks like me
I really want it now
And baby put it on slowly
I want you to show me
Does it make you feel alright?
I know to abstain 'round the waste of breath you've been
Because that's what you'll be wearing when you die