The Marble Shrine

Frances The Mute (14:39 )

Album: Frances the Mute (76:57 - CD | 77:18 - Vinyl)

Release Date: March 1, 2005

Produced By: Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Recorded: July - October 2004 at Avatar Studios, New York

Label: Gold Standard Labs, Universal, Strummer

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Live Notes

  • Debuted during the final shows of the Frances the Mute tour, and later played only a handful of times during the Amputechture tour with drummer Blake Fleming.
  • During some performances, the end of the first movement of the song is extended a few bars after Cedric's vocal part ends.

Other Notes

  • The second part of the song forms the basis for a bit that was played before Cygnus... Vismund Cygnus and sometimes Vermicide, which in turn formed the basis for Vicarious Atonement. This motif was played as recently as 2008.
  • Appears as a b-side to The Widow single, and also as the primary track on some versions of Frances the Mute with a bonus disc.
  • According to the band, the song was original slated to be the first track but was left off when a double-disc version of the album was nixed by the label.
  • The track ends with the Sarcophagi motif filtered through what sounds like radio static, which serves as a transition into the first track of the album proper.

Lyrics for Frances The Mute

  • In Thirteen Seconds
  • Nineteen Sank, While Six Would Swim
  • Five Would Grow and One Was Dead

it's been thirteen seconds
since you all last said
i've become the apparition
you predicted for my death
you said that flirting brings you
closer to the end
you can bait into the water
but you'll never get the hint
and like a stain of bricks goes
dancing by your head
plucked from an icebox
grafted on my skin

my coat has hid the marks
mink hits the shovel fix
near the sway of pendulums
boar abrasions and a kiss
she said i'll never let them hurt you
i'll never let them in
what you took from me is mine
what is mine i'll never give

mascara glass in the molar weeds
herash a serpent infancy
his eye patch pussed a gap of sand
into his shine a sedative
more and more the dirt collects
you'll never find her body now
her closet festered in a secret air
blonde underneath a blackened hair
he never knew the colony
gestated in his bed
mingle with the carnivores you've something both in common now
till one day his wasted breath
swollen throat and karma debt
set foot inside a parlor
to find her drunken by receipts
he held her by the ankles
gutted at the nave
yes gutted and depraves
he tied a rope around her legs
and let her hang for seven days

this never happened but i saw you leave
and crawl into a bed of broken windows
this never happened